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Week 6 Games: Noticeable Trends

  • The Cowboys had their biggest challenge yet and still put up good fantasy numbers on offense.
  • The Dolphins, now 0-6, have basically given up. They traded Chris Chambers to the Chargers for a second-round pick (more than the inconsistent receiver is probably worth). Chambers should be downgraded a little–he’s on a better passing offense, but he’s not the #1 target on it. If you have a deep bench or a 2-QB league, consider grabbing John Beck. The Dolphins will likely give him a tryout later this season to see if he’s the answer at QB or if they want to draft another on in 2008.
  • The Bengals have taken a step backward this season. Downgrade their running game, because they will continue to play from behind a lot.
  • It seems neither Chicago nor Baltimore has as strong a defense as last year. I’d avoid starting the Bears virtually anytime. The Ravens, on the other hand, can still bring it against the weaker teams. However, looking ahead to the end of the regular season and fantasy playoffs, they face the Patriots and Colts in weeks 13 and 14. Find a fill-in with good match-ups for those two weeks, and then plug the Ravens back in to stomp the Dolphins in week 15.
  • Adrian Peterson of the Vikings has become the exception to the rookie rule I talked about this preseason. I thought his first season would parallel Joseph Addai’s, where he contributed more and more as the season went on. In fact, Calvin Johnson might also be an exception to the rule if it weren’t for injury. The other highly drafted rookie in fantasy drafts, Marshawn Lynch, is hanging in there and producing consistent, although average numbers for a starting RB. Considering where he was drafted in a lot of leagues, that means he’s underperforming a little for them.
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