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Week 7 Recap: Brady Bunch of TDs

  • Apparently the Patriots plan to score every TD through the air, much like the Colts of 2004. Brady owners are going to be awfully tough to beat if they have much of anything else on their rosters.
  • Ronnie Brown, the one fantasy bright spot for the Dolphins, is out for the season with a torn ACL. Poor Miami. What’s the opposite of undefeated? Omnidefeated? Backup Jesse Chatman is Ronnie Brown-lite, so expect borderline startable numbers from him.
  • As I expected, Kevin Jones has shaken off the rust and reclaimed the bulk of the carries for the Lions. He should be a good #2 RB from now on.
  • Watching the Colts and Patriots this past week leads me to believe the Patriots have the better offense, while the Colts have the better defense. Therefore, downgrade defensive players from these two teams, and expect a shootout. The matchup between them is going to be awesome to watch.
  • Seattle really brought the D this week, which reaffirmed my belief that they are a great team to start against weaker opponents. The Rams really stunk, which reaffirmed my belief that they really stink. At least Steven Jackson has a shot at returning in the Rams’ next game, but don’t expect the kind of fantasy numbers he put up last year. Not on this lousy team.
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