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Week 8 Recap: Stars Align for Week 9

  • Both the Patriots and Colts dominated once more in week eight, making a matchup between undefeated teams that is the most anticipated regular season game we’ve had in a long, long time. As I said before, forget about starting either defense this week–the offenses will take over.
  • Ryan Grant became the first Packer to rush for 100 yards this season. The revolving door at RB could finally stop now that DeShawn Wynn is for the season. Grab Grant if you need RB help, but don’t expect more than low-end #2 RB numbers out of him. There’s also always the chance that he could be rendered fantasy irrelevant if Brandon Jackson or Vernand Morency usurps his job.
  • The London game showed that Eli Manning is not to be counted on as a fantasy starter. It also showed how the Giants aren’t as good as they’re hyped to be, and the Dolphins aren’t as bad. Even so, Cleo Lemon is hardly the answer at QB for Miami. Rookie John Beck should get his first start soon–people in keeper leagues or with really deep benches should grab him and see what he can do.
  • Brett Favre broke out of his little slump against the Broncos, and Drew Brees has really bounced back the last few weeks.
  • Don’t go crazy over Derek Anderson quite yet. 11 of his 17 TDs came against the awful Cincy D and the winless Dolphins and Rams. He only has a 6:7 TD to INT ratio in his other four games. Still, He’s a pleasant surprise and a guy I’d be happy to have as a backup. Just don’t go planning to draft him as your 2008 starter quite yet–let’s see how he handles Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore over the next three weeks.
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