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Do you ever read what I write and think to yourself – man that’s stupid or damn that’s insightful, I think I’ll go take a trip to the Colorado woods to ponder life’s greatest fantasy football mysteries because of TFB’s post?

Sometimes I have weak posts.  It happens.  I can’t always write solid gold for you.  Sometimes I’m in a hurry.  Other times I’m tired.  Sometimes I get lazy and just want to give you general thoughts anybody could have jotted down.

I like to think I’ll cover at least some of the players from every team before the season starts.  There are some teams I avoid because they’re so damn boring to me and I know I’ll never draft any of their players (see: Baltimore Ravens).  But all in all I put in a good faith effort to give you a fantasy football opinion and keep you reading.

I hesitate to call myself a fantasy football expert and like to focus more on being a second opinion.  I mean I play a lot of fantasy football and put in the hours researching, but I know just as well as you do that I could be beaten by a little girl.  Put me in a 10 team league with 9 girl scouts whose dads watch football and there’s a fair chance I’m not holding the trophy at seasons end.  I mean what is a fantasy football expert anyway?  To me you’ve got to be a numbers/stats guy who pours in hours of analytic studying of player tendencies.  I touch that, I don’t delve into it.  It would be fun if that was your main job, but as you may have guessed this blog does not pay my text messaging bill at the end of the month.  Anyways, I’m a person that tends do to well in fantasy football and I play a lot, but if 11 of you get in a league with me, I’m probably not going to win.

My theory is I just need to get my team in the playoffs.  Once I get there, we’ll see what happens.  I just try to put myself in a position to win.  And I think that’s all any of us can ever do.  And if you win too many of your leagues, maybe you need to step out of the kiddie pool.

Anyways, back to the whole reason I started this post.  I got an email and it gave me an idea.  Would you like to write and respond to my blog?  I was thinking of offering you guys a competing blog with mine.  I would host it and post all the articles.  You could write about whatever you want to fantasy football wise and just email it to me and I’d post it.  (No advertisers, this isn’t for you so don’t get any ideas.)  This is for the real fantasy football people who want to put their thoughts out there and be read.

How many people would read it?  Well… I get about 125 uniques a day and it’s steadily rising so somewhere along those lines.

What do you think?  Sounds good or you’d rather let me compose the literature?

If there’s enough response I’ll do it.  This blog is more about you than it is anything else.  Whatever I can do to keep it growing and please you, I’m going to do it.

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