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Tom Santi-Clause for Dallas Clark Owners


I don’t care what Dan Dierdorf says, I thought Gumble had a good line (you had to have watched the Colts vs. Texans last week). Anyways, if you’re a Dallas Clark owner (like me) with playoff and/or championship aspirations (like me), you’ll want to add Tom Santi as an escape valve this week. He had 6 catches for 80 yards last week and was primed for a touchdown had he not fumbled the ball. But, don’t get preoccupied with the fumble, Peyton Manning was looking to get him involved with Dallas Clark on the field. Clark ended up catching only 1 ball for a TD.

Normally, I wouldn’t be all over a Ben Utecht type of guy, but when the Colts start winding down with their clinched playoff spot, they won’t be featuring Dallas Clark as their go to TE, they’ll be passing to guys like Santi to hold the fort down. True, Jim Sorgi might be the one doing the passing, but odds are Santi would be the next best option when the Colts start playing like they have nothing to play for besides getting hurt.

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