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My NFL Picks for The Playoffs


22526Since I didn’t think to write them down on here, I’ll let you know that last week I had the

Bengals beating Jets

Pats beating Ravens

Cowboys beating Eagles

Packers beating Arizona

So that’s a sucky 1-3 start, but starting in this round of the playoffs, I’m going to pick against the lines to see how well I would do in Las Vegas.

Here are my picks with odds included:

Line: @ New Orleans (fav) -7 against Arizona (und) – 56.5 over/under

Picks here are tough to extract.  I don’t think New Orleans is as tough as they once were, but they have had a week rest and will be ready to go with a great game plan.  Arizona will be going up against a much tougher defense than Green Bay so their defense will have to step up to match which I don’t think will happen.  Add in the dome noise and I think the Saints handily win this one.

I have New Orleans winning this game 35-24.

This means NO covers the spread and the game goes over the over/under 56.5 points.

Line: @ Indianapolis (fav) -6.5 against Baltimore (und) – 44 over/under

What’s hard here is keeping my personal wishes out of the equation.  My favorite team is the Patriots, but now that Baltimore has advanced against them, I’d like to see them knock out the Colts too.  They brought back their havoc wreaking defense to decimate the Patriots at Gillette Stadium, but the Pats were obviously hurt and not even a shell of their former selves – remember they lost to Houston in week 17 in a game they wanted to win.  So great win for Baltimore, but it came against no powerhouse.  I loved what their running game was able to produce, but 37 yards from Joe Flacco is a tell-tell sign the Ravens aren’t going any further.  You’re not going to game manage your way past a serious Super Bowl Contender – especially in a road dome.

On the other end, the Colts have a lot of bad momentum, but are extremely rested and Peyton Manning will have the troops ready to go.  I think the Baltimore D will bring down both the passing and running game, but if Peyton Manning wants to score when it counts, I don’t think the Ravens can stop him.  On defense, the Colts will force Joe Flacco to pass the ball and that will not end up well for Baltimore.

I have the Colts winning 27-17

This means the Colts cover the spread and the over/under is a push.

I’ll put my analysis up on the Cowboys/Packers and Jets/Chargers tomorrow morning.

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